Tangents of an Insomniac.

As I slept in until noon today I now cannot sleep. Any chance I get to be without routine always ends up the same: sleep all day, party (or in my case, compute) all night. I’ve been like this since high school. My only regret it that I don’t have a lifestyle where I can do it all the time. I so loathe getting up in the mornings.

There are so many things running through my head. Mostly about topics I want to write about and plans for our trip in December (ex-boyfriends and I must find a nice, warm winter coat since we are going to Maine). Also, I have indigestion. I love Mexican food, more than any other type of food. Tonight I made homemade refried beans (which I’m not actually fond of and were so not worth the hours of cooking) and Tortilla Pie (which was just OK) and I was disappointed with the outcome, which makes me feel worse. All that wasted effort!

So, not being able to sleep, I’m sat here with the window open next to me watching the nearly full moon cross the sky. It is exactly what I used to do in my apartment in Virginia and once again makes me nostalgic for those days. Maybe it’s an early mid-life crisis?