Why is it so hard?

I need new underwear. Bras, knickers, the lot. I’ve been near constantly surfing the net for the past 2 days to find some that:

a) I like
b) Are my size
c) Are nice and sexy

I’ve found a few, but no matter what site it is there are issues ordering! Either it doesn’t like my card (which is stupid as the card is from that shop) or there isn’t anything in my shopping bag.

I’m resigning myself to the fact that I’ll have to go do this in the real world, which I don’t have a problem with other than it’s even harder to find things I like in that case. I have a very specific image in my head and nothing I see is living up to it (isn’t that always the case?).

The only thing I have managed to find is a strapless bra for my dress, but I’m not convinced it will be the right size when it arrives – something about ordering a cup size smaller so the bra molds your breasts right. We’ll see when it arrives!

And I still want a fluffy, warm bathrobe!