Happy New Year’s!

I had today off so decided to do a bit of shopping. I really want a nice, warm, cuddly bathrobe and thought they’d now be on sale. Off to Chippenham I go, first stopping in New Look to have a look at the dresses. They had this little black strapless one that I’ve loved and hopefully they had one in my size that didn’t have a broken zipper. Nope! They had red, though, which I didn’t like on me. They did have another one, bright pink and black, with black lace on top so the pink is bright, but muted. I liked that and it was on sale, so yay! I got some shoes to go with it but didn’t try them on – I’ve been the same size always, turns out they are just a bit too big. They were on sale as well so really no harm done.

I found a desk sized calendar for work because Bright Grey didn’t give us any this year. 🙁 Then off to see about the bathrobes. None. Not even on sale! There were no robes anywhere. Bah!! I did trek over to Woolworth’s though and got quite a few DVDs and CDs seeing as everything is half price and the shop is closing tomorrow!

Making my way to Sainsburys for the bits of mexican food I’ll be making tonight was horrid. I should know better on an ‘Eve’ to go anywhere near a Sainsburys but didn’t have a choice! I ended up in my local one though, after making a full trek round the car park looking for a lucky spot. I got home unscathed, thankfully. You are never sure you will when you go out on days like this!

Now I am off to tidy up a bit and make a start on the different mexican dishes I am making for tonight. Nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, rice, beans… not a lot of each thing, but just a bit of variety. I’ve got the Champagne chilling for midnight and half a bottle of wine, plus mixers for the liquor if we want. It will be a fiesta for two!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful 2009.