Winter has finally arrived, just in time for Spring!

It’s freezing here and should stay that way for the week apparently. I would like it to snow or get warm, please!

The weekend was wonderful. Friday I had off but had to come into work to pick up my iPod that my dad sent me (love you dad!) before heading to Basingstoke for the GAME Winter Ball. It was fantastic! Hubby and I both had a blast and it was a great night. Until I got back to the room and threw up…

After sleeping a bit and feeling really rough the next morning we checked out and headed over to GAME for a few games of pool before driving home. Once we got home we sat/laid on sofa and did nothing. Lovely!

Sunday we went to Weymouth as I have been wanting to go to the coast for a month now and hubby kept promising to take me then bottling out! 4 hours drive for 2.5 hours at the beach and we went to GAME and bought me World of Warcraft. So now I’m playing WoW!!! I started last night and am now level 6 or something. We played until 11 then promptly fell into bed where I dreamt about WoW all night.

Other than the sore throat I seem to be developing and the constant headache (probably another sign that I’m getting ill no doubt) things are good. I seem to be busy. GAME Ball last weekend, a leaving do at work this Friday, next Friday off, but driving to see a mate on the Saturday and then a nice long 4 day weekend for Easter!