Still SO sleepy.

Lights out at 23:00. Sleeping with quite a few tossing and turning moments throughout the night. Woke up at 06:00, looked at clock, thought “ARGH,” slept 30 more minutes before alarm went off. 🙁

It was a huge effort getting out of bed this morning. I had a headache when I woke up! I am yawning like crazy and half asleep at my desk. I shall most definitely be in bed early tonight I think! I’m so glad I have tomorrow off, I can sleep a little bit longer (when did 09:00 become sleeping in?) before I must get up and start getting ready for the ball. Hopefully my iPod will arrive at work tomorrow before I leave for Basingstoke and UPS let someone else sign for it so I can pick it up on my way.

I had a strange dream about Lost, too. It made me love Jack so much more, though!