My Dreams are STRANGE.

Wednesday morning I dreamt we had a baby girl, only a few weeks old. We were in VA visiting and I ran into my old VP at a Rally’s (they really do have the best fries EVAR). I’m not entirely sure what it meant, but possibly something do to with work and the possibility of change within my role. Or it could mean that I do actually want a child (I’m on the fence at the moment!) and miss my old boss? She was really nice.

This morning I had another odd one. I’m not sure about what the whole jist of it was, but something to do with a King and Queen (I think I was the Queen) and some of my co-workers were there. We were at my old house in FL and I was in the small, third bedroom (which was very creepy). The back yard was much more overgrown than it was when I had lived there, the trees older, etc. One of the branches of the trees bent down and actually scraped against the bedroom window. The sun was still up but behind the trees and there were noises outside from just under the window. Then these two dogs came running towards the noise. But as they got closer it got darker and harder to see.

I notice that whenever a dream gets scary or creepy it always goes darker and harder to see. Like I’m in the dark without my glasses on. I wonder why?