Not so ill anymore!

Antibiotics, this time, are a good thing! They have actually helped me. I feel great now, which is a nice change, considering I’ve been ill for the past 3-4 weeks!

30 days until my driving test. Eek! I had my first lesson, the “assessment” lesson, on Saturday to see what I need to work on before the big day. Mostly just looking in my mirrors when I should (and in the right order), how to turn the steering wheel and practicing my reverse things (parallel parking, reverse around a corner, turn in the road, reverse parking). The thing that annoys me the most is I know HOW to do all these things and can do them well! I’m not doing them the way they want me to, though. So I have to learn how to do it the way the expect it so I can pass. Bah!

Hubby and I went back on the South Beach diet a week ago today. He was getting fed up with his weight gain so he finally didn’t object to the idea! I’ve lost 4 lbs since the Wednesday before we started (the last time I weighed myself). I’m impressed with how easy it is this time for me to fall back into not having carbs. I miss fruit, but the pasta/bread/rice I can take or leave. I’m hoping it goes down a bit more this week since I won’t be laid in bed all week like I was last week! I can’t wait until I’m driving again so I’ll have time to work out properly, though.

Work is… slow. Everyone is on holiday or not having problems, which is good! My project is on hold at the moment because I’m waiting on things to be launched, which is not good. The slowness in addition to project on hold means I can’t do a whole lot at the moment. But I’m here, incase any advisers DO ring.

Money is tight lately, what with the driving lessons and I need to get the cam belt in my car replaced this month. Plus driving test fees (HOW MUCH?!) and impending doom of a new Visa (nearly ?1000!) in August/September time. Ugh. I think we need to create a budget, and attempt (more than usual) to stick to it. We gotta do SOMETHING. I want to go to the States in November!