I know I have been MIA for a while. I’d love to say it’s because so much has happened in the past month, but that just isn’t true. I have been busy, most with work and also with getting things around the house done in preparation for the holidays.

Most things culminated this weekend – Company Christmas party, my birthday, and Christmas decorations are all over and done with now! I have to say the Christmas party was lovely and my birthday could have gone better (hopefully my dear, dear husband will one day learn to plan something properly so as NOT to make me cry on my birthday!). Christmas decorating is always fun, and I actually managed to get it all done!

Now it’s back to work tomorrow and I now have 5 days of cleaning to look forward to before Saturday when my dad arrives for the holidays. That is the one thing I am really, really looking forward to. This year will be 3, yes 3! years since I have spent any real amount of time with my dad and I just cannot wait until he gets here!

I only have one more present to buy and some little things and then the holiday shopping is done, thankfully. Roll on Friday (I’m off work that day!) so I can get some rest!!!