A few days off!

I took yesterday – tomorrow off work this week a few weeks ago. More because when I took them off I wasn’t happy and needed a break, but I kinda wanted July 4th off as well! Hubby took the whole week off (just to show me up I’m sure!) but he *really* needs the time away from work, so I’m thrilled! He also took a few Fridays off at the end of the month, then in August we are off on our delayed honeymoon/anniversary trip to Mauritius!

We got both of our arms jabbed yesterday for our shots so we don’t get ill while we are there. It’s not nice not being able to sleep on my sides because my arms are so sore!! Then on top of all the arm soreness we pulled up all our plants in the front of our house last night as it got dark! (That’s when the bees go away!) We filled up our green bin and still have a HUGE pile of plants to bag and take to the skip today along with a few big plant roots to dig up. Then we have to make sure there’s 2 inches free all around. Not this weekend but the next weekend FIL is helping us put slate rocks in! Then I will have no gardening woes and hubby will have no bee woes. I will probably get some huge potters and get MIL to help me put flowers in to make it pretty out there. I also want some decorative rocks etc.

There has been a “heatwave” here the past few days that will only last until tomorrow. It’s been in the high 80s/low 90s and not very humid so other than the heat it’s still nice!

Oh, and I got new glasses yesterday. Pic later maybe… they’re different than my old ones!