I wear a halo.

Well things are still going good. I’m a bit sad about this, not because I want things to go badly, but because I never write anymore. I miss writing and I’ve never done it particularly well when I’m happy and over the past 3-4 years I’ve stopped completely. I must find time to start again, even if it’s utter crap for a while because I’m used to being depressed and suicidal when writing.

This weekend was excellent. Greatest Hubby Evar(tm) took me to Salisbury via Woodhenge in Amesbury (which is lame). We walked round the market before it closed up and walked around the shops. I bought some books and art and other bits. We then took the very, very long way home up through Newbury and across the middle of nowhere to Marlborough then home. Yesterday we went to see Aeon Flux which was excellent! I must find the cartoon on DVD somewhere, I miss watching it on Liquid Television on MTV!

Oh and one other tidbit, you know you finally have a real job when you dream about work!