me smiling at the camera at the beach, the ocean behind me

Memory Lane: The day I went to the beach

me sitting at the beach smiling at the camera with the ocean behind me

This is one of my favourite photos of me that exists.

Today it popped up in my Facebook memories. It’s from 4th September 2009.

This photo is what makes that day so memorable for me. I had that week off work but hubby wasn’t off, I can’t remember why I had time without him but that doesn’t matter. I had spent most of the week doing bits around the house or shopping, but overall nothing too exciting happened that week.

This was Friday so my last day to myself. It was already afternoon when I decided to go to Weymouth all by myself! It was a two hour drive from our house. This drive was the first long drive I did alone in the UK and the first time I went to Weymouth alone.

Yep, it took me over 4 years to do something like that by myself.

There was traffic on the way, of course, so I didn’t get to the beach until sometime around 4pm. But I sat on the beach and let the peace looking at the salt water brings me wash over me. I was really proud of myself for doing something so far and spontaneous alone and I took this photo.

I’m so happy I took it because it really does bring me joy when I see it. I remember the drive that Friday afternoon and sitting on the beach, being happy I was there.

The thing I missed the most after moving was just driving to the beach whenever I wanted. It was only a few miles away! I still miss it, especially in the Autumn. I think a few spontaneous drives to the coast may be in my near future.

At the time it was taken this photo reminded me that I’m still that same person that can do things on my own. It was a perfect day.


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  1. Debbie Booker Avatar
    Debbie Booker

    I too, love this picture of you, as you look relaxed and happy! It’s a powerful feeling to bring upon your own calm and to be in your happy place, no matter how long it takes to get there. Miss and love you…stay well (and happy)!!