It’s been an … interesting week.

It started off with drama at the beginning of the week. I spiraled a bit after that and it led to my doing a lot of eating and no exercise. Consequently I have not even looked at the scale and am pretty sure all my previous hard work has gone down the toilet! So tomorrow it’s back to good food and lots of exercise as usual.

Tomorrow also marks 4 weeks until my 5k Race For Life for Cancer Research UK in Isle of Wight. I running in memory of my Grandparents on my Dad’s side, they both suffered from lung cancer. I’d much appreciate any sponsorships!!

This week also marked the launch of the iPhone 4. I was entirely prepared to get one. Until Hubby brought his home. It looks so naff! I hate the lack of curves, that was what made the iPhone so sexy. I have been going back and forth since Thursday and completely undecided about what to do. This morning I managed to narrow it down to either just upgrading to an iPhone 3GS or getting either an HTC Desire, Samsung Wave or Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. After speaking to O2 today I narrowed it down to the 3GS or the X10 and have now decided to go for the X10. So tomorrow will be heading to the shop for that.

It’s been so hot here the past few weeks and this weekend it’s gotten a little bit unbearable, especially when the house doesn’t have AC. I’m thankful it’s not humid, though. I certainly do NOT miss that from Virginia!

I have to focus on being healthy now.

  • 2 weeks until a night out in Swindon, Eclipse and then a night with guests at home.
  • 3 weeks until London Film & Comic Con.
  • 4 weeks until my 5K Race For Life.
  • 7 weeks until our wedding anniversary.
  • 8 weeks until V Festival!
  • 10 weeks until we go on holiday (hopefully).

It’s a crazy busy summer.