That pretty much sums up the month of September for me. Hubby’s parents decided to move to Spain, have already sold their house and now have to be out by the end of the month. Hubby’s Gran is also going with them! We had a friend and her two kids round for the weekend last week, which was brilliant but exhausting! Not to mention I drank way too much!!

I have realised that all of my work trousers bar one pair are too big! I also have no skirts suitable for work or winter. So I think I’ll need to go shopping again! Like I didn’t spend enough the last time! It’s starting to stress me out.

My running is going well, I’m on week 3 now and although it’s still easy the longer time overall makes it challenging. I’m enjoying it and pushing myself speed wise while I’m running the short runs. I managed to run 7mph last night for 1 minute! I’ve mapped a 2 mile long route around my estate today for when I want a change and will run outside in the mornings.

I need to start seriously looking for Christmas gifts and making a list of UK things to take with us for the family. Thankfully it’s slow at work, so I am able to make lists during the day. 🙂

I still haven’t written yet, I am unsure of how to begin again and am a bit scared. I won’t let that stop me, but I wish I had more time to do everything. I never understand how peoeple get so much done. I need to be more productive!