A day off

I booked today off last week before I got sick, mostly because I was a bit fed up and needed a day! I’m glad I did as it’s been nice to have a day that felt just like the weekend, but wasn’t.

I had my car service and MOT done today so that is now one less thing for me to worry about.

I had Phish Food, which I’ve decided I don’t like so much (but I’ll still eat the rest of it at some point!).

I attempted to clean, but didn’t get very far. The front room is somewhat tidier than when I started and I rearranged a bit so there’s more room now.

Hubby and I were grumpy this morning, so we had a little spat, but that’s quite normal, especially if you live with me!

I had my hair trimmed and now I’m much happier as I don’t feel like a shabby lady with bad hair. And I wore full makeup today for the first time since last Wednesday! Also, I did my hair after I had it trimmed so I look semi-decent.

So, in summary, I did not do even a tenth of the cleaning I wanted to do today, but overall, I had a nice day not working. I even didn’t bother Hubby too much while he was working from home! So now I’m going to go take a bath and then go to bed and thoroughly enjoy not setting the alarm tomorrow!

Random quote for today: The confidence we have in ourselves arises in a great measure from that confidence we have in others.