Action vs. Inaction

This quote turned on a lightbulb for me. I always used to say to myself ‘At least I’m on the right track’ with regards to most things I want to change in myself or my life. It’s only within the past few weeks that I’ve realised that alone is NOT ENOUGH.

I have enough knowledge, my problem is action – making it happen. I always start and then give up when there are no results (or negative results!). So the past week I’ve focused on DOING what it takes. This produced a great result! The moment I didn’t stick to my plan, those results were diminished – greatly. I have proof that DOING works and anything else doesn’t work at all.

I’m not going to let the last two days, when I haven’t stuck to the plan, help me give up. Instead I’m DOING more, to make up for it, to motivate myself, to start becoming the person I know I can be and be proud of, instead of always being depressed because I gave up.

So far I AM proud of myself and it’s making me more determined to reach my goals.