Tish! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Sung to the Flash theme)

My eyelid stopped twitching! It’s all good now. Except for my headache, but I’ve had some ibuprofen so it should be OK.

This job is definitely different (read: challenging!). I think it’s because there is just SO MUCH that the CEO and my manager want to do, and rightly so, it needs doing! But it’s all happening at the exact same time as websites, which just turns into a huger and huger project every time I turn around (please forgive the awful grammar). So we’ve asked for that launch to be delayed a month, which will help and I’ve now remembered I’m holiday the week we want to move it to. That should not stop the launch, but certainly no one will get anything until I return!

This weekend we have BIL, GF and kids coming to visit for a bit, need to visit Gran S. in hospital as she won’t be with us much longer the doctors reckon and we have to celebrate my being here 3 years. 3 YEARS! That means I’m eligible for citizenship!!! Certainly something to celebrate (I think anyway!). I will be applying as soon as I can get the app and references sorted out. When (as I don’t anticipate my application being rejected) I get citizenship I am so having a party. Will probably sort a work do out as well (watches as hubby dies of shock whilst reading this). But in the meantime just a little celebrating is in order. So we are off to Bath probably and will have a nice meal at the Latin place (closest we can get to decent Mexican) and maybe a film. I need to do some shopping too…. 🙂 And next weekend I’m off Friday afternoon to go out with hubby and his work peoples.

But the best news of the past few days: I no longer have to stay til 5pm! The director said ‘sod that! let her go at 4:30!’ pretty much. So in 6 minutes I’m outta here!!