Hallow Dahling!

Righty-o then! I did say “more later” and so here I am to give it to you!

New job: Internet Communication Specialist. WTF does that mean? you ask? Well, basically I’m now working for a new Communications Manager who is in charge of all things communication-wise. Funny that, eh? Basically I’m in charge of what I do best, web design! I’m in charge of our Extranet site that our brokers (should) use daily. I’m currently in the midst of a website project that we will be launching in May, offering websites to our brokers. That is a challenge as, yes it’s been in the pipeline for 10 months, but apparently nothing has been done about it and now we are in a mad rush to get things sorted PLUS put a design together to offer! And when I said “we” there, I mean “me”, of course. We will also be in charge of any emails that go out to our brokers. They will have a nice branded, professional look to them once we sort that out! My boss will be in charge of more things, I’m sure but MY part in it is purely more design than anything as that is where my expertise lies.

It will be a challenge this month, with the websites launching so soon. I’m sure I will get stressed and horribly grouchy at some point! But I enjoy it so much more than anything else I’ve done. I have a bit more confidence in myself as well. In a meeting this morning I was assertive and confident and asked for things I needed to know. I am usually quite uncomfortable in those kinds of situations. This is such a chance for me to be a different me, the oceanchica that knows how to do her job, talks to people to get things done, asks for things when she needs them! I feel so much more confident in this role and in the company now, like I actually belong. It’s quite strange really, I feel, seeing as I’ve been there for close to 3 years and am only now that I’ve changed roles starting to feel comfortable with the people I am with on a daily basis! At my last job I was quite lucky that I felt that right away. I’m so much happier now, though.