American Idol.

I never was very interested in Idol. I watched the last few eps of the first season, maybe a few from season 2 or 3, but that’s it. I never kept up with it or anything!

So a few weeks ago hubby and I actually had our Sky box on and were watching actual TV instead of stuff on the PS3. There was nothing on (as usual!) and as we’re flicking through we pass American Idol. Still in the try out stages! I mentioned it might be fun to watch and so we watched. We are now hooked!

They show it a few days behind here, it’s on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I’m hoping it will be on Thursdays & Fridays now that there are just the two shows! Hubby is just as hooked as I am, which I find amusing for some reason. I watched the boys on my own last week when I was home sick and he got upset!

I love David A. I really think he might win. I only liked him up until he sang Imagine, THAT is what made me love him. I also love David Castro, he’s just so cute! I like Michael Johns, too. David H. I didn’t like but he is good. Girl wise… I loved Amanda at the beginning but now she’s beginning to annoy me. Can’t she do anything other than yell at the mic?! I think Syesha is the best out of the girls. I know Simon likes Carly, but I just don’t like her.

I’m doing sooooooo well not knowing who’s left before they show it here. Woo!