Ramblin’ Chica.

Bored. Calls are starting to pick up, but I still don’t have a whole lot to do at work. So I end up thinking about what I need to do at home or anything else.

I need to file taxes in the US, must find payslips so I can figure out just how much I earned last year.

I really, really, really want to sort things out in the house. I want a corner bath shelving unit that will go in the corner of the bathtub from the ceiling to the top of the bath. Hubby needs to sort out the shower in the ensuite this weekend, I wonder if he remembered he was out Friday night/Sat morning when we made the deal that it would be done by noon on Saturday! I also want a rug for the front hall. And I need to finish painting the hallway (up the stairs and the upstairs bit), but before I do that I have to fill in the cracks where the house is settling. Plus I have to figure out how the hell I’m going to paint the top of the back wall, considering it goes ALL THE WAY UP the house and I’m not that tall…

As Hubby is out Friday night I get a night to myself. Last time I was OK, I didn’t end up depressed and crying all night! This time I have a plan that I actually intend to follow! I have a few films waiting to be watched if I want. I have Burnout Paradise to play. I have exercise to do. I could clean (but probably won’t!). I have to be up early Saturday morning, car has to be at the garage at 8am! Then I get to walk home or wait for some shops to open and walk around town. I’m making Hubby promise to be back by 11ish so he can go with me to pick the car up (or pick me up from where I end up!) as the garage closes at 12. I hope I don’t need new brakes as that will be about