‘Bout Time For An Update

I have 5 days until my driving test for my UK license! I’m really hoping I pass the first time, it’s not very common in the UK. The test centre I will be taking my test from only has a pass rate of 49%! My prior driving experience will definitely come in handy, but I hope none of my bad habits show on the day!

In other news, hubby hurt his knee! We don’t know how or when really, just that it’s been really awful for the past week or so. He went to the doc yesterday and got some anti-inflammatory pills to take for a month and he’s definitely feeling better so far. We were meant to go to the GAME summer ball tonight, but as he’s injured we decided to give it a miss. I took my half a day’s holiday anyway though so am at home for the rest of the day and will be going to MIL’s to help her with her website when she’s ready.

Totally random: Facebook rocks! And it’s actually brought me closer to people at work, strange! I’m glad I’m somehow not the only one who finds it easier to start a relationship (of any kind!) online. I know some people just don’t get it at all, but I’m glad there are some people who do!