The Atlantic!

Hubby and I have been on holiday all this week. It’s been great (other than I have had to work each night, but never longer than 10 minutes, so I’m not too fussed about it and I did offer!) but I nagged a bit as we were going to go away somewhere initially. At first we had decided on the Canary Islands then decided we had no money. Another idea was Scarborough to ‘relive’ his childhood a bit. Well this week came and… no plans! (This is what happens when you leave it up the man!) Half the week went by… still no plans. Wednesday night he finally did it. He told me we were going to Wales to his ex-colleague’s B&B for a night. I was OK with that… so we’re driving and driving and we don’t go the way to get to Wales… I wonder but I don’t say anything. It wasn’t until we get to Devon (south west England) that he finally lets me know we aren’t going to Wales! We’re going to Cornwall! So we are currently in Newquay. I’m sat in the hotel lobby overlooking the Atlantic Ocean thinking it is much, much prettier from this side than from the States. Hubby mentioned it’s because the English love the ocean more and don’t dump their waste into it. That’s probably likely! It’s a gorgeous blue/green colour not muddy blue/gray like I remember it being in VA Beach. Anyway, we are leaving here today (only stayed one night) after spending a few hours looking at the lovely ocean and walking a mile and a half to find Senor Dick’s which was probably one of the BEST mexicans I have ever had, despite the name! We are heading to the Eden Project today then home again. I shall post pics later, as I did remember to bring the camera and take some this time!