Hello, sunshine!

So the rain has finally stopped (for the time being anyway) and it’s blue skies again. Which means lots of BBQs! It also means being hot and sweaty by the time I get home from all the walking. Poo. 42 days until my driving test (which I WILL pass!)

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend, the second in May. Plus my week off and last Friday off as well, I haven’t worked a full week yet! This one should be my first, and only, full week for the month. We have a wedding party to attend on Saturday so I look forward to having a few drinks, dancing (I will make hubby dance even if I have to kill him and drag his corpse around the dance floor), and then having a day to myself on Sunday while he’s in London. I think I will get some painting done!

BTW, I have been absolutely obsessed with myspace lately, so I’ve blogged a few things there too. Go here if you wanna read.