Why are men so dumb?

My dad climbed a pipe and jumped over a fence. Then he had to be flown from the tiny island in the Indian Ocean to Japan for operations because he broke his leg!! Then he had to be flown from Japan to Hawaii for the rest of the operations and therapy that will be needed. All I can say is What the hell was he doing jumping a fence?! It still boggles me.

Tuesday morning at 5am I was woken up by my husband saying there was a nurse on the phone from a hospital in Okinawa and he was taking care of my dad. Not good words to hear first thing in the morning! When I spoke to him the next night it was before he was going to Hawaii and after his first operation to clean out the leg. Doctors were still saying he’d be lucky if he keeps the lower part of his leg (he basically smashed his bones into tiny pieces), but that it was looking better. Hopefully everything is going well with getting him to Hawaii. I haven’t heard anything yet.