Follow the signs

Okay, so yeah. It’s been a little while since I updated at all, let alone with something GOOD! So for this one time only I thought I’d update with some happy news!!

I got a car! I bought (well my hubby bought for me) it last week and have been happily driving around Great Britain since Saturday. It was just in time too since hubby had to go to France this week for a couple of days and I have training in Newbury (55 miles away!) two days this week and one day next week!

Driving in the UK is so much better than driving in the US if you don’t know where you’re going. As long as you know which towns or what road you need to go to to get to where you’re going you can just follow the signs! In some cases you don’t even need to know that much. I could never do that in the States, I always had to know where I was going. Here I don’t need to, I can just follow the signs!

I haven’t taken pictures of the car yet mainly because it’s already dirty and I need to wash it first. 🙂