I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m going home soon and my dear hubby will not be coming home until Sunday night! I have it all planned out. Tonight I will catch up on TV from the previous week or two and go to bed early. Tomorrow I will get up early-ish and clean the downstairs. Then I will get my food delivery (because I have no way to get out this weekend, I’m having my groceries delivered!). After that I will clean the upstairs! It will be a busy Saturday. Sunday will be more laid back, I’m hoping to code some extra bits for the webby, mainly comment email notification! So when someone comments I’ll get a nice email saying to see what they said.

Next week I have Friday the 10th through Monday the 13th off work and hubby and I are going to the coast to a very posh hotel for the night then to IKEA to buy some furniture! No Paris I’m afraid, but the money will be much better spend on a new kitchen table/chairs and a dresser for the bedroom. Stuff we badly need!