High School Survey…

1) Where did you graduate from and what year?
Bayside High School, Virginia Beach, Class of 199

2) Did you have school pride?

Not at all. We sucked at all the sports!

3) Was your prom a night to remember?
I didn’t go to prom.

4) Do you own all 4 Yearbooks?
No, I don’t have my Freshman yearbook.

5) What was the worst trouble you ever got into?
Saturday School twice. For not dressing out for P.E. both times! Stupid P.E.

6)What kind of people did you hang out with?
The uh, alternative kids. We were a weird (but semi-popular) group.

7) What was your number 1 choice of College in HS?
I never thought about it.

8) What radio station did you jam out to in highschool?

9) Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
German club the last two years.

10)What were your favorite classes in High School?
AP Bio, German

11) Who was your big crush in High School?

12) Would you say you’ve changed a lot since highschool?

I’m a completely different person now.

13) What do you miss the most about it?

14) Your worst memory of HS?
Most of them…

15) Did you have a car?

16) What were your school colors?
Red and Gold? I think…

17) Who were your fav. teachers?
Mr. Bland

18) Did you own a cell phone in highschool?
No. Cell phones weren’t big back then. Pagers were cool though! I had my dad’s old pager my senior year.

19) Did you leave campus for lunch?
No, we weren’t allowed.

20) If so, where was your fav. place to go eat?
Taco Bell was my fave place to go after. Mmmm taco bell.

21) Were you always late to class?
No! I was only ever late for school twice I think.

22) Did you ever have to stay for Saturday School?

Twice, see above.

23) Did you ever ditch?
Only on days when we were allowed… does that count?

24) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
Hopefully not. Flying all the way back to the US for that is just not worth it.

25) Do you wish you were still in high school?
Not at all.