Things are bad.

Money is bad. Stress is bad. Job search is bad. Money is the main one, though. When I was on my own and working (once I had finally started making enough so my dad didn’t have to supplement my income) I was pretty good about not spending what I didn’t have. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while I did get myself into some tight spots! But overall I was pretty damn good at making sure I didn’t spend more than I could. I shopped a LOT, and usually only during sales! I would always spend more than I thought I would when I went in, but my credit card debt never got out of control. In fact, when I moved I had one credit card that had a balance, and that was to cover expenses that weren’t necessarily mine and those that had to do with the move.

Since then I’ve racked up some more cc debt, but only on the ONE card, so I still (IMO) have not gone too overboard. Not having a job for going on 7 months now I haven’t paid it off very much, but it IS going down. DH’s debt however, continues to pile up around us. This is somewhat due to my not having a job and him having to pay for a heck of a lot during the past 7 months, our extravagent trips in the past, and the fact that he wasn’t keeping such a good eye on it to begin with.

This situation is causing a lot of stress, something we are already in a great abundance of! We have finally decided we need to take steps to remedy the situation, we cannot keep kidding ourselves that just my finding a job will help. We’ve gone beyond that now. Things are not looking good for our financial future for quite a while. This stresses me out more than normal because I’m thinking in terms of babies. We both want to be more stable financially when we decide to start TTC but I have a cutoff date and that date is approaching quicker than I thought it would. Our financial troubles will NOT be gone by the time we TTC, so hopefully something good comes along to help us out. Soon.

On the job hunt front: I have my interview tomorrow with the local surgery. A data entry/admin job that’s only 30 hours a week and pays hardly anything. I found a job on last night that (although it was in Bristol) is once again the PERFECT job. Training Administrator! I’ve done that before. I liked it. I know my stuff in that area. It also pays a heck of a lot better than anything I’ve seen in a long time. But… I did mention it’s in Bristol right? That wouldn’t be much of a problem considering how much I would be making, but until I get a car it would be a big pain in the butt. Of course, this is all dependant on my actually getting an interview and then the job. With my luck lately, that’s not very likely.