C’est la vie.

Like I said, I didn’t get the job. I think my motto for the moment should be ‘Keep on truckin’.’ Feh!

In other non-depressing news: Saturday was Guy Fawkes Day! Fireworks galore. We went to Devizes for the Fireworks/Bonfire display. We both felt very cheated since there was no bonfire! Granted it was very wet since it had been raining for a week straight and it even rained a little during the fireworks. The fireworks were lovely, I did take some videos with my camera, I’m not sure yet how they came out. All in all it was a lovely night!

Yesterday it finally stopped raining! The sun was out in a few places, one of which happened to be Shearwater Lake. Shearwater lake is on the Longleat estate and is apparently a great fishing spot. There are a load of trails all through the forest surrounding the lake to walk through. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It was still very wet from all the rain last week, so we did get a little muddy because we went down a gravel (read: muddy) path instead of staying on the pavement, but it was soooo nice! And to park is only 50p! I took some pictures on my phone because I forgot my camera, so once I find my phone=>PC cord I will upload them to flickr. The forest was wonderful, not England-like at all. It reminded me of Maine, especially all the ferns! At least it’s past fiddlehead season! Darren was reminded of Seashore State Park (because it’s the only thing he had to compare it to). I think from now on (as long as it’s dry!) we will go there on Sundays and walk. And maybe we’ll get some wellies for when it IS wet. Then hubby won’t have to squeal and pick through the huge mud/water puddles like a girl. Heehee!!