The light at the end of the tunnel

is something I can’t see right now. Someone said to me today that patience will bring me exactly what I want, but that the waiting is so hard. This is so true. I know that I will find a job at some point and it has only been a month so it hasn’t been very long.

I got a phonecall today from someone wanting to bring me in for an interview for The Perfect Job(tm). I saw this job and thought “Wow! It’s perfect!” Then I found out it’s part time and the pay is pro rata. Frr! Not worth me going to Swindon every day if it’s for part time pay. So I had to say that I wasn’t interested. It broke my heart. 🙁 There is one tiny good thing out of this, there is a full time position that is opening soon in the same area of the company. She’s keeping my file for that one. *crosses fingers and hopes for the light soon*