Le Sigh.

This site was moved to another server about 2 months ago. I had backed up everything, had my new design almost ready, I was on top of it! I believed I had moved everything over, or at least had a copy of everything if it wasn’t already on the new server. This, however, was not the case.

Last night I discovered, much to my dissatisfaction, that the backup of my database was TWO YEARS OLD. I distinctly remember backing up everything right before the move. I guess I forgot to transfer it from the old server. DH has asked someone to go have a look and if I’m really lucky I’ll get a copy of the backup. If not that’s two years of my website life gone forever. *cries*

Ever the optimist, I’ve discovered something good that may come out of this. It gives me a chance for a fresh start. Afterall, I’ve moved to a different country, gotten married, cut all my hair off, lost (and am still losing) weight. And this is just this year. Welcome to the new and improved oceanchica!

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