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  • P365 – 1

    I’m re-reading Twilight. I read all of the books so quickly the first time that I am going back and re-reading them slower now! Hubby thinks I’m crazy (nothing new there).

  • Yawn.

    I am so tired. Today was the first day I’ve been to work after having 6 days off and I am bloody knackered! I have the next two days off and then back to work Friday and then the weekend before it’s back to work for good. To say I’m not looking forward to work…

  • A New (Out)Look

    So I’ve hopped on the WordPress bandwagon. I’ve been playing with it on and off (mostly off) since October. The change was facilitated by a job advert I saw at the company I’d give nearly anything to work for. They were looking for someone with WordPress knowledge, which I didn’t have. So I decided to…