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On Father’s Day I participated in my local Race for Life to support Cancer Research UK. It was in Bath and I had decided months ago, when the registrations opened I would do it and I had plenty of time to train for it, even though it’s only a 5K, to give me a chance to finish faster than the last one I did.

Then all the house stuff happened. I didn’t train as much as I’d wanted. I knew I wouldn’t beat my time. I worried about it being in Bath because crap, that is a very hilly place. My everyday life became more stressful and the race was the furthest thing from my mind the closer it got.

But that’s okay!

Life isn’t perfect. Things will happen. Did I let any of that stuff stop me from taking part? No! Do I wish I could have gone a bit faster? Trained a bit more (on hills)? Sure. But in the end, it didn’t matter. I went and I jogged and I mostly walked up the steep hills – my poor ankles are still unhappy about that! – and I finished just a few minutes after I did last time.

And I’ve raised over £500 so far for Cancer Research UK, so they can continue to support those with cancer and try to find better treatments and hopefully a cure.

I'm in pink!

I’m in pink!

I am not a people person, I hate crowds… Everyone always asks afterwards “Did you have fun?” and I laugh. No, I didn’t have fun, I’m not there to have fun! Two of my grandparents had lung cancer and I lost them both. The Race for Life, for me, isn’t about having fun, my idea of fun isn’t to run a 5K! But I’m able to do it, so I do because there are people right now all over the world with cancer, who can’t. More and more people are beating cancer now – great news! But the people helping to make that possible still need funding and help so that people can continue to beat it.

There’s still time to donate and help me reach my fundraising goal. My body is still aching, 3 days later, from the hills and stress I put my body through to do it. It was worth every second and every penny I got from sponsorship to know that the actions of one person can make a difference, no matter how small.

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  1. Dad Dad
    18 June 2014    

    Tish , I could not be any prouder of you for supporting and participating in this cause. I know you want to better your time each year but it isn’t about the time it takes, it is the support and donations you provide that makes all the difference in the world.

    Love you,


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